We believe authentic leaders are people of the highest integrity, committed to building enduring organizations, with a deep sense of genuine purpose, and who are true to their core values.  Authentic leaders first lead self, then teams and then organizations.


A world led by authentic leaders who contribute fully to building compassionate communities serving people to create a better world.


  • Support programs that provide authentic leadership training to develop cross-sector (business, Government, and nonprofit) & public sector authentic leaders, with special attention to women, people of color and healthcare leaders.
  • Collaborate with select non-profit organizations to develop unique programs that develop authentic leaders who are attentive to their own self-care and that of others.

Types of organizations we fund:

  • Organizations offering leadership training programs that meet George Family Foundation’s criteria and definition of authentic leadership with special attention given to programs for women, girls, people of color, healthcare and other non-profit leaders.
  • Select institutions of higher learning with a direct connection to the George family.
Learn more about our current grantees.

To be considered for an Authentic Leadership grant, you must follow our Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process