All citizens will work to cultivate a deep value and appreciation for nature and the environment, and preserve natural spaces for the sake of human beings in both urban and rural areas.


  • Community-based organizations that offer opportunities for young people and their families to experience and learn more about our natural world.
  • Provide scholarship grants to allow underserved youth (boys and girls) and their families to participate in outdoor activities.
  • Seek connections to other funding areas (without diluting the core goals) particularly Youth Development and Leadership.
  • Be a modest participant in larger community initiatives (particularly in Minneapolis, MN) that will provide additional or new opportunities for people to understand the value of our natural resources and to enjoy our natural world.

Types of organizations we fund:

  • Select environmental and conservation organizations that strive to protect and heal the communities in which the George Family Foundation board members live (Minnesota, the Vail Valley and the San Francisco Bay area).
  • Environmental learning centers/organizations – urban and rural – that help young people and their families engage with the natural world.
Learn more about our current grantees.

To be considered for an Enviroment grant, you must follow our Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process