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What is Integrative Health & Healing?

Programs and initiatives that advance an integrated, patient-centered approach to healing, encouraging people to take responsibility for their health supported by a diverse team of healthcare providers Integrative health & healing is care that is centered on the patient’s needs; that:

  • makes use of the mind, body, spirit connection to promote wellness;
  • values healing as much as curing;
  • affirms the importance of relationship, collaboration and choice in medicine; and
  • blends the best of Western medical approaches and complementary therapies.

Integrative health & healing is not about putting more tools in the doctor’s bag, but about a more fundamental shift in consciousness. In this new medicine the patient is the responsible central agent, and self-care is the true primary care.

From a systems standpoint, integrative health & healing emphasizes personalized, yet comprehensive care. This new medicine goes beyond our current approach of treating symptoms and looks for the deeper sources of illness, intervening “upstream” in chronic illness to prevent or delay its onset.

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