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A Message From Penny George, President of the George Family Foundation

It didn't take a serious illness to make me aware that medicine today neglects some of the most important elements of healing, but it was illness - and my journey to recovery - to mobilize my husband, Bill, and me to try to do something about it.

In partnering with the most talented and enlightened leaders in medicine to change what needs to be changed, we discovered that there were others like us out there doing the same thing elsewhere in the country.

Together, through our collaborative efforts, we are achieving results in shaping how health professionals are educated and trained and in helping sustain and expand the impact of the best models of clinical care. We have the privilege of partnering with the best minds and hearts in medicine, and knowing that we are part of one of the most important paradigm shifts taking place in our society today.

The George Family Foundation is convinced that the principles of integrative health will, with our help, become part of the standard of care in medicine, that integrative medicine will restore healing to patients, health professionals and the health care system itself.


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