Founders Penny and Bill George created the George Family Foundation in 1994 to make a positive impact on issues of importance to them. Through the Foundation, the Georges find great pleasure in sharing the blessings they have received in ways that make a lasting mark.

Our Mission and Guiding Philosophy

Our mission is to foster wholeness in mind, body, spirit and community by developing authentic leaders and supporting transformative programs serving the common good.

We seek to invest in people, programs and initiatives that further the mission of the George Family Foundation and help build the communities in which we live.

We believe in sharing the blessings we have received and in celebrating the spiritual reciprocity that exists between donors and receivers working collaboratively to make the world a better place.

 As the Foundation matures and grows, its areas of strategic focus may change, but the mission and values will endure.

Building a Lasting Legacy

Penny and Bill both were raised in strong spiritual traditions where sharing one's gifts and giving back were an integral part of life. Penny's family lineage includes ministers and doctors, including her father, a general surgeon. As a psychologist and as a breast cancer survivor, being healthy in mind, body and spirit is at the core of who Penny is and how she was raised. Looking at people holistically is something that she’s always done in her personal and professional life. In Bill’s earliest memories, he recalls wanting to be a values-centered leader who could make a difference in the world. Family has always been central to their lives.

Penny and Bill continue to be actively involved in the Foundation’s work to foster wholeness in mind, body and spirit in the communities that nurtured them.The Foundation’s legacy of serving the common good will continue for years to come through the leadership of Penny and Bill’s sons, Jeff and Jon George, who serve on the Board of Directors. Additionally, in 2015, Gayle Ober was named president of the Foundation, the first professional from outside the family to serve in this role.