Suzanne Koepplinger

Suzanne Koepplinger is the Catalyst Initiative director at the George Family Foundation, a philanthropic leader in the integrative health and healing movement working to transform healthcare delivery and community wellbeing.

As the director of the Catalyst Initiative, Ms. Koepplinger and her team help communities realize their capacity to support health and wellbeing using mind-body approaches that are culturally meaningful. Catalyst is grounded in the team’s firm belief in the power of the human spirit and in the individual’s innate wisdom about his or her own health.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Ms. Koepplinger spent ten years as the executive director for the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center. Today, she serves on the boards of Artspace and The Minneapolis Foundation. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Sheila Wellstone Award from Wellstone Action and the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. Ms. Koepplinger holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho and master’s degree in the Art of Leadership from Augsburg College, Minneapolis. 

Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn