Transforming healthcare to enable individuals and communities to increase health and well-being and educating individuals to take responsibility and advocate for their own health and well-being.


  • Support the further acceptance and practice of integrative medicine in healthcare and integrative health in the community.
  • Support select national organizations that educate and train health care providers in the principles and practices of integrative medicine and health and to work in a team-based, inter-professional way.
  • Seek local and national opportunities to raise the awareness of the George Family Foundation’s leadership role in integrative medicine and integrative health.
  • Support integrative medicine programs that specifically call-out women & girls (at the practitioner and patient level).
  • Provide fellowships/scholarships to entities which train practitioners in integrative medicine and integrative health and lifestyle medicine practices (e.g., Duke IM Leadership Program, AIHM, IM4US, etc.)

 Types of organizations and programs we fund:

  • Working in Minnesota, Dallas, Northern San Francisco Bay Area / Marin County, or Vail Valley
  • Progressive Minnesota healthcare institutions that embrace and demonstrate an expanding integrative medicine model of care
  • Community organizations in Minnesota (primarily the Twin Cities) that support and educate individuals to take responsibility and advocate for their own health and well-being
  • National organizations that promote integrative medicine principles and practices
  • Programs that support the development of strong inter-professional teams
  • Self-care training programs for health care professionals
  • Public relations efforts that advance integrative medicine and integrative health & healing
  • Programs and projects that apply pressure on select healthcare institutions that are resisting change

*Note: We do not support “health and healing through the arts” programs.

Learn more about our current grantees

To be considered for an Integrative Health and Healing grant, you must follow our Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process