Engage! Rising Up and Fostering Resilience through Catalyzing Authentic Community Connections:


Session Leaders:
Keith Allen, Ramsey County Planning Specialist
Mary Sue Hansen, Director, Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative
Suzanne Koepplinger, Director, Catalyst Initiative
Marnita Schroedl, Social Capitalist, Marnita’s Table                   

Session Description: This session will explore what different system leaders -- Funder, County, Joint Powers Board--have done to effectively harness the viewpoints, energy and voices of our communities. Together we will reveal how authentic engagement is a successful resiliency strategy.

Session Outcomes: Tools, techniques and insights on how effective community engagement is a first line strategy for building community resilience. This fast-paced and interactive co-presented session highlights how the formula of Intentional Social Interaction (ISI) can be used to allow community-based problem solving to spring up holistically through authentic cross cultural and inter-generational community engagement.