Aokiniimo (Cedar Bath in the Blackfoot language):            


Session Leaders: Linda EagleSpeaker, Elder in Residence Minnesota Indian Women Resource Center & Donna LaChapelle, Elder in Residence, Nokomis Endaad Treatment Center at Minnesota Indian Women Resource Center

Session Description: Aokiniimo is a sacred bath using four medical plants for healing trauma, water, sage, cedar and traditional tobacco. We will describe the Cedar Bath ceremony giving instructions for the use and sacred meaning of each plant by educating the audience in the step by step process to holistic wellness.

Session Outcomes:

  1. Gathering, preserving and ceremonial use of four of seven sacred medicines.
  2. Learn to prepare yourself physically and emotionally for sacred cedar bath.
  3. Learn to smudge entire body properly with sage.
  4. Learn to prepare and boil the cedar water
  5. Learn to cleanse yourself deeply in the cedar bath.
  6. Learn to release our first medicine (water) tears of pain into the life giving bath.


Healing Trauma with Generational Gifts:          


Session Leaders: Rita Navarrete Perez, Traditional Healer & Tonita Gonzalez, BS, BA, Traditional Healer

Session Description: There is a belief within some indigenous communities that every woman who heals herself, heals all the women who came before her and all the women who come after her.  Our ancestry has gifted us with many generational gifts of healing.   When we are empowered by remembering the tools of healing we become healthier.  In this session we will talk about the importance of traditional medicine in healing community and healing trauma.

Session Outcomes: This workshop will talk about a multicultural indigenous approach to addressing trauma and healing trauma in different communities. In addition, we will address how all indigenous communities are not the same and how every community needs to be culturally respected. We will also teach about the importance of healing trauma in order for people to recognize their own generational gifts from their culture which will help strengthen their healing path.