Healing Trauma Through Befriending Our Pain:  


 Session Leaders: Myoshin and Edwin Kelley, Sr. Instructors, Tergar Mediation Community

Session Description: Meditation enables us to transform our relationship to our experience by connection in a more loving, caring way. This helps us to develop a more accepting relations with our deeply held pain. We will examine two skillful meditation techniques that allow us to be more at ease with difficult emotions. We will begin with the practice of non-judgemental awareness and conclude with the cultivation of a warm and loving heart toward our self and others.

Session Outcomes: You will be introduced to two simple meditation techniques that will allow you to open to and more easily accept difficulty in life.


Centering Prayer:           


Session Leader: Rev. Ward Bauman, Director, House of Prayer

Session Description: Centering Prayer is a contemplative practice of silent prayer preparing the practitioner to experience the presence of God with oneself. This practice draws from the ancient contemplative practices described in the "The Cloud of Unknowing" and also in the writings of Christian mystics throughout history. This practice facilitates a movement from a more active, discursive form of prayer to a reception and resting in the presence of the sacred within us.

Session Outcomes: We will learn briefly about the history of how this practice arose. We will practice the basic form and process of this discipline. We will reflect together about sensations and experience of doing this together. Reverend Bauman will provide resources to communities and information to continue this practice at the end of this session.