Exploring Mind-Body Connection Using Tai Chi as a Tool:

Session Leader: Master Yang Ye

Session Description: The brief interactive session will explore how a simple shifting of the mind can lead to noticeable physical changes in the body using Tai Chi as a tool. Following the interactive session, Master Ye will teach a few simple and yet powerful movements in Tai Chi guided by subtle intent of the mind.

 Session Outcomes: Participants should be able to experience the power of the mind and the feeling of Qi and how mind body connects and heal at its rudimentary level.



Grounding the Nervous System: Embodied Healing:

Session Leader: Taja Will, Holistic Healing Practitioner

Session Description: This session will inform and offer tools on how to track one’s nervous system. We will use movement to create awareness of our own patterns and its ability to shift with awareness.

Session Outcomes: How to recognize the defenses of the nervous system through the body and work with those defenses in one's self and others.