My name is Donna LaChapelle, Waban noog gook quay. I am Anishaanabe of Ojibwe and Dakota heritage. I come as a relative and greet you all with a hand shake, from my heart.

I believe the work we are presenting to you today will be important for ourselves, our families and our community. All of us – our work and our lives - are vital to our ceremonies, teachings and language for our children, the next generation of our people.

First we must take the responsibility of healing ourselves through mindfulness. When you quiet the mind you can capture the original intention that our ancestors put before us in the Sacred Law, the teachings.

Here is the beginning. I will take you on a journey to be present in your mind and body, and allow your innate health and wellbeing to give you all that you need.

Close your eyes, rest and breath.

The journey begins with you and the Star Nation at your conception. Your spirit follows the diamond pathway and you move through the Milky Way and enter our Mother Earth, and you are seeded here with your relatives.

The Sacred Laws are the roots and soul of your existence. A beautiful tree of life grows as your spine and nourishes your body and the teachings that will guide you.

Our histories, historical and intergenerational trauma have interrupted the consciousness of who we are. In ceremony and mindfulness we awaken our spirit and body to align our mind and hearts to be one. We breathe into present day and we are whole and complete. We create our Medicine Wheel of life and stand in the center of all that there is and we are held by our ancestors in great love and compassion.

Wrap yourself in a beautiful Star Quilt and breath in this life!