Tracking Three Years of Impact


Since 2014, the Catalyst Initiative of the George Family Foundation has worked to empower individuals and communities throughout Minnesota to improve their health and wellbeing by adopting integrative health and healing (IHH) practices that reflect culturally meaningful ways to normalize healthy behaviors.

In the three years since we began this journey, we’ve learned a lot. And the good news is that we’re making an impact in communities across the state affected by health disparities, toxic stress and trauma.

Through our seed grants – community-focused grants designed to advance a new paradigm for healing among individuals, organizations, and communities – we’ve made a difference. As respected community voices foster the practice of self-care and healing, true change is taking place.

From supporting mind body medicine in Indian Country, to seeding mind body healing skills in a child advocacy organization, to supporting youth of color leadership training to deepen capacity for proactive self-regulation, the impact of our network is real and measurable.

To celebrate this impact, we developed a new infographic that showcases our work over the last three years. While this visually engaging graphic just scratches the surface, it is meant to bring people into the conversation about self-care as primary care, and the power of mind body tools to heal from trauma. 

Explore and share! If you have questions, please reach out to Suzanne Koepplinger, director of the Catalyst Initiative, at

Click here to view the infographic.