On this page you can access and view the documents that have been created based on the information and knowledge we have accumulated since the establishment of Catalyst. 

  • Catalyst Initiative Infographic: This document provides a unique overview of the work that Catalyst and our community partners have accomplished over the past year.

  • July 2016 Mid-Initiative Report: This Report is a summary of the efforts and accomplishments that have taken place over the past year by Catalyst and our community partners. Included in this report is a description of our approach, lessons learned, and several specific accomplishments. Take a look at this summary and see where we have been and where we are going.

  • Learning Loops: The purpose of this memo is to provide information that may be used in setting the conditions for effective learning loops in social innovation contexts.

  • Communities of Practice: The purpose of this memo is to provide practical information related to launching and sustaining a Community of Practice. 

  • Healing from Trauma: Tips & Techniques for Resilience Summary Report: This report is a summary of the August 2017 convening, which was the ninth community exploration of healing from trauma. A series of experiential breakout sessions in mindfulness, meditation and other cultural and integrative practices for wellness and resilience were offered, encouraging participants to learn, practice and take home actionable techniques for promoting and maintaining holistic health.