Check back here often for videos that share the wonderful efforts that the Catalyst Initiative and our partners are carrying out within community to promote self-care as primary care through the raising up of cultural healing practices.

Catalyst Initiative Seed Grantee Convening - 2017 

On Tuesday, March 21, representatives from Catalyst Initiative seed grant projects gathered at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis to share the results of their work building integrative health and healing in community, catalyze new connections, and engage in a day of skills-based learning and cultural healing practices. Explore the interactive network map:

Mind-Body Medicine in Indian Country

This project began with a seed grant to the MN Indian Women's Resource Center (MIWRC) to implement Mind-Body practices within their staff and the community they served. As the video shows below, not only did MIWRC achieve their goal but have gone above and beyond by introducing Mind-Body Medicine to a large part of Indian Country outside of the metro area.


Catalyst Initiative Highlight Video

The Catalyst Initiative has been busy over the past year developing partnerships and friendships with organizations and people that are working to promote cultural healing practices within their communities and helping others realize the power of self-care as primary care. From Mind Body Medicine in Indian Country to Zen training session with an admired instructor to medical residents and community members learning about traditional Mexican healing practices we are working to spread the knowledge and power that cultural practices have and the fact that they are available right in our own communities. Watch the video below to see all of this in action! 


Catalyst Seed Grantee Convening Video

The Seed Grantee Convening in February 2016 was a chance for our community partners to share lessons learned and begin to explore how their networks can be enhanced and communities of practice built. Learn more about this day and our grantees in the video below. 


Building Resilience September 27, 2016 Video

The Building Resilience event in September 2016 was a chance to explore how we can build integrative, culturally grounded healing practices into our continuum of care models. Through three amazing plenary speakers and a variety of experiential sessions attendees had the chance to explore this topic and continue to uncover culturally meaningful integrative practices that may help both individuals and communities recover and rise above historic, secondary and other types of trauma. 


Traditional Healing of the Americas

 This was a community project funded by Catalyst. This project's multiple components included education of the HCMC family medicine residents as well as of other students in traditional healing, outreach to Latino community members, and exchange with other indigenous healers in Minnesota.   A centerpiece of the project was the visit by Tonita Gonzales, a New Mexico-based healer, and her partner, Rita Perez, of Mexico City. This was their third visit to Minnesota, at the invitation of Selma Sroka, M.D., and her colleague Kim Hart, who first met the traditional healers as part of their personal interests in healing and self-care. To learn more see the video below.