Congratulations to the Inaugural Cohort of OM Community Coaching in Healing Justice!


Joi Unlimited congratulates the Inaugural Cohort of the OM Community Coaching Training Program in Healing Justice

We are excited to announce that as of May 21, 2017, eleven Fellows ( healers, artists, community organizers) and four Faculty Coaches completed our 12 week OM Community Coaching Training and Certification Program in Healing Justice.  It was both a rigorous and affirming process to solidifying their role as “bodyworkers” for the collective body(communities, institutions, organizations) and individual bodies, through the practice of the Orange Method of Radical Self-Care focusing on interrupting toxic stress and trauma (historic and present day).

The Orange Method (OM) helps individuals and institutions to transform against the backdrop of oppression-induced trauma. It is done by creating boundaries, falling in love with self and community (perhaps for the first time), and developing better access to the healthy expression of grief and pain. The Orange Method, combined with radical self care strategies, offers a first step in liberation and transformation, especially for those of us who have been historically left out.  

In our current culture, the 24-hour news cycle is filled with turmoil and trauma. We are constantly witnessing the “trauma loop”  not only in the media, but within the country, community and the world.  The need for these Orange Methodologist (OMies) is more important than ever. They are committed to healing justice and developing radical self care in community that is accessible to every human who believes in liberation.

We want to thank and congratulate our Inaugural Class: Ebony Adedayo, Ayo Clemmons, Camille Cyprian, Neda Kellogg, Asha Long, Brittany Lynch, Estefania Navarro, Rebeka Ndosi, Karla Benson Rutten, Xiaolu Wang, and Sarah White. We also congratulate our four amazing faculty coaches: Dr. Aida Martinez-Freeman, Pamela Moore, Nasreen Mohamed, Dr. Reba Peoples. Because of you all, Joi Unlimited is optimistic of the radical change and healing that can occur in our communities. If you want to know more about our work and about upcoming opportunities to apply for the OM Community Coaching program, sign-up on our website,