Suzanne Koepplinger on WCCO Radio with Jearlyn Steele


Jearlyn Steele
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Catalyst Initiative Director Suzanne Koepplinger was recently a guest on the WCCO radio show Steele Talkin’ with Jearlyn Steele. Koepplinger shared information on how the initiative started and its focus on what health and healing look like in community. The women discussed the role of spirituality in healing and how community leaders can change the social dialogue by introducing new skills and ways for people to incorporate healing practices into their everyday lives. 

Steele spoke about her experience at the Catalyst Launch event stating, “…what I witnessed last month at the launch event was quite remarkable…I did not expect to have a spiritual experience. I did not expect to really feel and to be changed from that moment…It made things different. We are living in a time when we have to bring the two together - the spiritual side and the physical side so we can be better entities. Remember we are spiritual beings mastering this human experience and that is the bottom line.”

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