We believe that authentic leaders are people of the highest integrity who are committed to building enduring organizations, have a deep sense of genuine purpose, and are true to their core values. Authentic leaders first lead themselves, then teams, and then organizations.

Our Aspiration

  • Strengthen authentic leadership in all sectors in service of our vision of a society led by authentic leaders who contribute to building compassionate communities and creating a more just, civil, and functional society.
  • Ensure opportunities for authentic leadership development for people of all races, genders, and socioeconomic levels.
  • Create and support fellowship and scholarship programs with select institutions that reflect the core values of authentic leadership.

Submit a Letter of Inquiry

While the Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) are welcome. We most actively review LOIs in January/February and July/August for board meetings in June and December. However, you may submit an LOI at any point throughout the year.

General Guidance for Prospective Grantees

  • We focus on funding organizations that are aligned with our mission and are working to address deep, meaningful needs that they are uniquely positioned to meet.
  • We only fund 501(c)(3) organizations, in good standing.
  • Although we sometimes fund select national organizations, we generally fund organizations working in Minnesota, Dallas, Northern San Francisco Bay Area / Marin County, and the Vail Valley.
  • We are committed to funding programs that support the advancement of women and girls.
  • We are NOT accepting requests for: capital improvements, endowments, or scientific research.

Specific Guidance for Authentic Leadership Focus Area

  • We focus on funding organizations that are uniquely positioned to realize significant components of our focus-area aspiration (above).
  • This area focuses on programs for leaders ages 18+ (above high school-age).
To learn more about our grantees, please view our annual report.