Grantee Spotlight: 1440 Multiversity

The George Family Foundation is generously funding 1440 Multiversity to establish its signature leadership program, True North Leadership @ 1440 Multiversity. Based on Bill George’s legendary leadership lessons, this program takes the participant on a journey of self-exploration to discover their leadership purpose and the power of empowering others to live their purpose, too.

At first, most people think this program is about just themselves and the workplace, but it is so much more. It’s about how to become an authentic human being, leading from the head and the heart and connecting with others. Many of the participants leave with intentions to speak up, to get in the right role in the right organization, to be more present partners and parents, to stand up and take part in their communities, to take better care of themselves spiritually and physically, and to ultimately make a positive contribution to society.

People are taking what they learn back to every part of their lives and enlivening and energizing others and their communities.  At 1440, we believe generating energy is how we move to discovery and creativity to innovate and solve today’s many challenges, together.

The program participants come from all sectors of our society -- non-profit and for-profit organizations, academia, public service and the military. The meaningful cross sector conversations foster knowledge sharing, mutual understanding, and the possibility of greater unity.

The Leadership Circles are a vital component to the True North Leadership program. They enable participants to discuss personal materials in a more intimate group setting and encourage a higher level of openness and reflection. 1440 has a variety of outdoor meeting outdoor spaces that provide the renewal nature provides.

Michelle Maldonado was a teaching fellow in the 2018 True North Leadership program. Now she is co-teaching these programs at 1440. Michelle is committed to developing conscious leaders and teams to create organizations with net positive impact.

The 2018 inaugural class of True North Leadership @ 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, California.