Grantee Spotlight: Bonton Farms


The 2021 George Family Foundation Annual Report will be available soon. We’ll announce its launch on our website — so stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek from the report. This spotlight is one of a handful of short features celebrating the extraordinary work the Foundation’s grantees are accomplishing.

Bonton Farms seeks to disrupt systems of inequity that remain far too prevalent in inner city communities across America. What started as a garden in a small lot has grown to two fully functioning farms, a farmer’s market, a café and coffee house, and much more. The organization works alongside residents of the Bonton neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, to address unjust, systemic barriers to healthy and thriving lives.

For the past ten years, Bonton Farms has served men and women that have been formerly incarcerated, homeless, addicted, trafficked, or domestically abused. They have never had a single person reoffend. 

"Our success led some of our state elected officials in Texas to take notice. They drafted a bipartisan bill called The Bonton Farms Bill that will remove unpaid fines from the records of formerly incarcerated individuals. Fines like these have been a significant barrier for men and women returning home from prison and trying not to go back. In 2021, that bill passed into law." — Daron Babcock, CEO, Bonton Farms