Grantee Spotlight: Mind & Life Institute

2021 George Family Foundation Annual Report is available now! This spotlight is one of a handful of short features celebrating the extraordinary work the Foundation’s grantees are accomplishing.

The Mind & Life Institute believes that many of today’s problems — from growing polarization to racial injustice to the climate crisis — originate in the human mind. Building on a 35-year legacy, they explore the potential of the mind to solve these problems.

At the heart of Mind & Life’s mission is bridging science and contemplative wisdom to create positive change. They believe that change in the outer world begins with inner transformation. Their programs equip people with values, insights, and practices that nurture their personal wellbeing so that they can play an active role in building more compassionate communities, while safeguarding the earth and all its inhabitants.

In 2021, Mind & Life expanded its digital programming, reaching an international audience of more than 1.5 million through live conversations, podcast interviews, and other resources from contemplative science and research — much of which is freely available online at

“The George Family Foundation has been an essential source of support and thought partnership for Mind & Life. The Foundation has helped to ensure that we are not only fostering important insights from contemplative science, but also leveraging our global platform to inspire action among our diverse constituency.” — Susan Bauer-Wu, President, Mind & Life Institute