Grantee Spotlight: Pathways

In today’s constantly changing healthcare landscape, Pathways remains focused on it’s core mission of providing a myriad of one-on-one and group healing sessions for those living with life-threatening and severe chronic illness.

In a society where connecting via social media has become the new normal, Pathway’s face-to-face connections help build capacity more than any mass-marketing.

Our community-based realtionships have also resulted in expanding our ‘Pathways-to-You’ program, where we send our providers to the organizations upon their request. These partnerships include Fairview/ MHealth Oncology , Fairview Achievement Center, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute/United Hospital, Ebenezer Senior Living and Breath of Hope offering meditative practices to those living with lung cancer.

While ‘crisis’ may be defined differently in each organization, the desired outcome is still focused on building resilience and healing for those with whom we meet.

The George Family Foundation’s support allows us to continue the healing work offered at no cost by our growing base of over 120 volunteer providers.

The foundation’s support also helps Pathways determine how our work impacts the health of the Pathways community, which we accomplish both qualitatively and quantitatively:


While numbers and data are important, personal feedback remains core to assessing our impact on our participant community. Here are voices of those Pathways participants , providers and community partners:

Debra (participant)
The methods I’ve learned at Pathways have reduced my years of pain

Gadu (Provider)
Participants learn to open their hearts, their minds and experience everything they can

Theresa Eckstein (community partner)
I don’t know of any other place that offers services like this in the community…breaking down barriers to access…

Dr. Courtney Baechler (Integrative Health Advisory Committee)
Given the economics of healthcare…having a place like Pathways with free offerings is tremendously important….