Grantee Spotlight: The Loppet Foundation

The 2021 George Family Foundation Annual Report is available now! This spotlight is one of a handful of short features celebrating the extraordinary work the Foundation’s grantees are accomplishing.

The Loppet Foundation seeks to create a shared passion for year-round outdoor adventure in the Minneapolis area, with a focus on under-represented youth and families.

Their Loppet Adventures programs work with elementary, middle, and high schools in North Minneapolis to engage students in cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and running. The programs aim to create a lifelong passion for the outdoors, a community of outdoor enthusiasts, and healthy outlets for young people during a critical developmental age.

The pandemic has been especially difficult and isolating for youth as schools have been remote. The Loppet Foundation was able to still provide their programming in person as a welcome respite and opportunity for youth to socialize with each other and experience the mental and physical benefits of the outdoors.

“The George Family Foundation has been instrumental in helping the Loppet grow our no-cost programs and remove barriers to entry in outdoor recreation and leadership opportunities for youth.” — Claire Wilson, Executive Director, The Loppet Foundation