New York Times interviews On Being's host Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett, founder of The On Being Project, a longtime George Family Foundation Grantee, was interviewed this week by The New York Times, highlighting her passion for exploring what it means to be human.

Krista Tippett talks about what inspires her throughout her work:

"I see the disarray. I see the broken power structures. I see the damage and the pain. I also see people tending to that. At the heart of some of these national-level or community-level conflicts, there is space to move below the radar and start stitching together relationships and quiet conversations at a very human, granular level."

"I feel a sense of calling. I'm attending to the pain in our world. I'm attending to the human. I realize that this thing I do is not something that everybody does, which is to ask what is happening at a human level."

As the program "On Being” moves to its next evolution as a seasonal podcast, The On Being Project continues to expand its broader work, “pursuing deep thinking and moral imagination, social courage and joy, to renew inner life, outer life, and life together.”

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