Suzanne Koepplinger Interview About the Deep Impact of The Catalyst Initiative

Podcast Interview with Suzanne Koepplinger - Director of the Catalyst Initiative at The Minneapolis Foundation

Listen to hear how Suzanne she came to realize her purpose to help others by supporting their healing and growth. Through the work she is leading at the Catalyst Foundation, new pathways have been created to support culturally meaningful trauma healing practices. Suzanne has led the Catalyst Initiative since its inception at the George Family Foundation in 2014. Catalyst’s purpose is to honor and foster culturally authentic self-care practices to advance health and well-being. Three years after launching this community informed philanthropic approach to addressing trauma and toxic stress, Catalyst was spun off to the Minneapolis Foundation in 2018 to bring promising practices to scale. Key accomplishments during this time include successfully advocating for public investment in non-narcotic pain management and integrative healing therapies as an addiction prevention strategy; raising and re-distributing over $5 million into community initiatives to build resilience and foster healing; and influencing shifts in philanthropy, healthcare, education and government.