• Master Leasing Plans: A Responsible Approach, a new report from the National Parks Conservation Association explores concerns about the encroachment of energy development on lands near national parks in the West. This report encourages a wider embrace of Master Leasing Plans (MLPs) in the West and details several national parks that would benefit from MLPs being conducted nearby to avoid conflicts between extraction, recreation and conservation advocates.
  • “Shifting Ground,”  Frederick Reimers, Nature,  the story of how a stunning Colorado landscape after a decade-long war over its water.


  • Interfaith Cooperation and American Higher Education:  Recommendations, Best Practices, and Case Studies,” synopsis of gatherings held by the White House Office on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships compiled by Interfaith Youth Core (2010)
  • Millennials in Adulthood,” a March 2014 social trends study of Americans, ages 18-33 by the Pew Research Center,  reports that a significant percentage of this demographic is politically independent and more are religiously unaffiliated than any other age group studied over the past quarter century.  They also tend to hold liberal views of social issues such as same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization.
  • 7 Reasons Why God Just Might be Psyched about the Millenial Generation,”  Tyler Franck, Sojo Net,  Sojourners, March 27, 2014 
  • Emerging Voices, a new Sojourners initiative and blog site is dedicated to becoming a platform for the next generation of “prophetic voices articulating the biblical call to social justice.  The site offers commentaries that reflect diversity, collaboration between writers and readers, and hope to develop new voices to elevate social justice conversations. 

Advancing Women and Girls

  • A comprehensive list of facts and statistics on Human and Sex Trafficking as a well as resources for support are available on the Breaking Free website
  • A recent report on the commercial exploitation of American Indian Women and Girls in Minnesota is available from the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center website 
  • A new report on the Status of Women and Girls in Minnesota is available on the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota website.
  • A compilation of U.N. Millennial goals related to maternal health and statistics on maternal and infant health in Nepal is available on the One Heart World-Wide website.

Youth Development

  • Invisible: Diaries of New York Homeless Youth, an Emmy-nominated documentary produced by The Reciprocity Foundation, traces the stories of five homeless teens existing in the urban core and how they work to transform their lives.